Blocking messages from a sender or a domain


You can block messages from a particular sender or domain.  The domain is the name following the @ symbol in an email address.


When you block a sender or domain, no e-mail or news message from that sender or domain will arrive in your Inbox or in the news messages you read.  E-mail from blocked senders goes directly into your Delete folder.  Newsgroup messages from blocked senders are not displayed.


1.      From your e-mail Inbox or the list of messages in a newsgroup, select the message from a sender you want to block.



2.      On the Message menu, click Block Sender





Sender is now blocked and the option to remove all of their messages …. Read on to see how to manage your blocked folder.




Manage the blocked senders


1.                          On the Tools menu, point to Message Rules and then click Blocked Senders List…


The listings of your block senders are displayed.



2.                          To remove a sender or domain from the list, select the name and click Remove. 

The confirmation box pops up, click yes



3.                          To change a sender’s name or domain on the list, select the name and click Modify. 




Make your changes In the dialog box and click OK.



4.                          To add a new sender or domain to the list, use the above method or click Add.  Enter the information in the dialog box and click OK.



5.                          Click OK in the Message Rules dialog box to apply rules that have been added or changed.